Returning to work after maternity leave can be an emotional time, fraught with feelings of anxiety, guilt and nervousness. To make the transition easier and help restore your postpartum confidence, it's important that your workwear allows you to feel comfortable and professional. Check out these four tips to help you return to work in style.

Don't try to squeeze into your pre-baby workwear

If you are lucky enough to have dropped that baby weight and returned to your pre-baby body shape quickly, then feel free to jump straight back into your old work clothing with confidence. But pregnancy can change your body shape and size significantly, and it can take a while to regain your pre-baby body, so don't try to squeeze into your old workwear if your body is still changing. Doing so may block your self-confidence, leaving you either self-conscious or uncomfortable as you return to work. Instead, invest in some affordable workwear basics that suit your new body shape to make your transition from home to work easy on your figure.

It all starts with a great bra

Whether you are breastfeeding or not, you may find that your bust size and shape has changed significantly since you were last in the workplace. To help you feel comfortable and supported in your work clothes, get yourself a good quality bra for everyday wear. Schedule your bra shopping expedition during your baby's nap so that you can take the time to have your bra professionally fitted. If you are nursing and need to pump breastmilk while at work, a well-fitting nursing bra will be your new best friend.

Repurpose your maternity gear

Modern maternity clothes are stylish, comfortable and very forgiving of your changing body shape. Before you gift all your maternity gear to your pregnant friends, consider repurposing some key items as workwear. Plain skirts and pants with elasticised waists are perfect for transitioning back into workwear, and can be stylish when accompanied with a few new flattering tops. Pop a great pair of maternity leggings under a flowing jersey dress, and pair with a comfortable pair of ballet flats or low heels for the perfect office outfit. By repurposing your maternity favourites, you can invest in a few good quality pieces that fit your current body shape to complement your maternity staples, and expand on your work wardrobe as your needs and body change.

For assistance in selecting the right workwear for your postpartum return to the office, contact your local corporate workwear suppliers today for expert advice.