Tweens. That biological no man's land between childhood and teenage that prepares your children for more maturity. It can make them a tricky bunch to please and more so if you are a parent trying to figure out what to get your not-so-young child who isn't a bonafide teen yet. Here are some excellent ideas to surprise your tween next time. 

A Cellphone

With your child now just about to enter teenage their need for independence increases. Since they are not around you a lot more at this stage, you may want to think about getting them a mobile phone, if they haven't already asked for one. You can pick between the ubiquitous iPhone or other comparable android models if price flexibility is a factor for you. 

A Tablet

Alongside a cellphone, a tablet is one of the most common items a tween will request for as a birthday or Christmas present. It can be a useful tool in helping them learn more independently and on the go than a cellphone due to its bigger size. They can read books on it, run full-sized educational apps and fun board games or watch tutorials. An iPad, iPad Mini or any other comparable android tablet will do, especially if you want more price flexibility. 

Clip-On Selfie Spotlight

There's nothing that your tween likes more than an excellent selfie to share their experiences with friends and family. If they already have a cellphone, a portable selfie spotlight that clips onto the phone is a great idea. It adds studio quality lighting that the in-built flash can't achieve to produce well-lit selfies. 

Star Wars Collectibles

For many tweens, Star Wars is still a big-ticket franchise that they enjoy watching. A gift idea for them can be a Star Wars collectable of their choice. A good choice would be the Star Wars Pop Culture 12pc pack available online as are many others. Each tween will gravitate to whichever character they most like from the movie franchise so find out what they most prefer. 

Bluetooth Speakers

The odds are high that your tween either owns a cell phone or a tablet. The odds are also high that they lug it around with them almost everywhere they go. Surprise them with a pair of portable Bluetooth speakers to have them enjoy their media more when on-the-go.


Tweens can be a difficult group of children to buy gifts for as they transition between childhood and teenage. Several gift options can add utility to them while still letting them have fun. For more information, contact companies like Global Gear.