A jacket is a staple feature in any woman's wardrobe. However, do you know that you could be wearing jackets that do not suit your body shape? Many women make the mistake of selecting jackets based on fashion trends, but then you end up buying something that does not complement your physique. It is advisable to know how to dress your body shape so that your jacket can make a design statement and not look like it was just thrown on to keep the chill away and inadvertently end up making your body look disproportional. Here is a handy guide to buying women's jackets for your body shape.

Hourglass-shaped figures

If you have an hourglass figure, your aim should be accentuating your cinched waist. Thus, the best style of women's jackets will be those that are either belted. To complement your body shape, steer clear from jackets that have straight lines emerging at the bust and going all the way down to the hips, as this design might make you look like you have a box-like figure. Instead, lean toward drapery fabrics that will seamlessly flow down your curvy body. Lastly, opt for jackets whose length goes beyond your thighs to complement your hips.

Pear-shaped figures

Women with pear-shaped figures should look for jackets that will draw attention away from their hips and instead gravitate toward their upper curves. Thus, the best jackets to achieve these are those that are more detailed at the bust and collar area with minimal embellishments at the bottom. Some of the details that you should be on the lookout for include puffy shoulders, intricately designed collars and breast pockets, which all help in drawing the eye upward.

Inverted-triangle shaped figures

Women with these figures typically have the aim of softening their broad shoulders with their attire. Thus, to achieve this with your jacket, opt for garments that have a flared hemline, which will balance out your upper torso. In addition to this, women's jackets that reach around the hips help in making you appear curvy, and this will draw attention away from your shoulder area. Overall, look for women's jackets that are plainly designed at the top but have a bit more volume from the waist down.

Apple-shaped figures

Women with a robust mid-section should look for jackets that help to slim down this body part. To do this, you should gravitate toward jackets that draw attention upward, such as those with a prominent collar. Furthermore, women's jackets that are nipped right below the bust rather than at the waist can also help camouflage your mid-section.